PLUS (Postal & Logistic Unified System)

Postage and freight can account for more than 50% of a project’s cost in today’s market space. To reduce these costs and maintain in-home mail dates and package deadlines we introduce an innovative system for handling mail and logistic freight that incorporates cutting-edge distribution and price models. With PLUS, Midstates Group delivers cost-effective postage and freight handling to customers nationwide.

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Destination Entry Discount & Postal Freight

At Midstates we utilize our PLUS (Postal & Logistics Unified System) to ensure you receive the most effective postal optimization for your needs.  We analyze all of your options and propose the best solution.  Often times it makes sense to utilize the Drop Ship program and take a Destination Entry Discount.  With this model you pay a reduced postage amount from origin postage and then you will have some postal freight costs.  Please see the details below to understand it better.

Destination Entry Discount - A postage discount for depositing mail at specific postal facilities (e.g., delivery unit or network distribution center) that are closer to the final destination of the mail.

Drop-Shipping (another term for Destination Entry) is bypassing the origin post office and mailing deep into the mail processing stream, to the optimal United States Postal Service (USPS®) processing facility, helps you capture postage discounts while improving delivery predictability by streamlining the process.  However - there is a cost (Postal Freight) to truck or freight the product to that processing facility.

Postal Freight is the cost to move this product to the processing facility resulting in a postal savings to you from Origin Postage.

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Mailing Services

Being located in the central part of the United States is an asset when comes to distribution. We can reach most postal facilities in three days or less. With a vast carrier network, we are able to provide a solution that best suits your distribution needs. By partnering with some of the best carriers in the country, your mail will arrive in your customer’s mailbox in a timely manner. Please consult with your customer service representative about a mailing option that is best for you. Whether it’s a time sensitive mailing or specific drop date, we can meet all your mailing needs.

List Management

Our team of database experts will provide the assistance needed to get you the best presort possible. We utilize the best postal software available to make sure your data meets all postal requirements. Our list of services are endless, from CASS Certification to NCOA Processing, we can do it all. We also have the ability to append your file and Nth sort your list if necessary. Curious about obtaining more information about your customers, ask your CSR about our backend analysis program. 

Our USPS approved Presort software is second to none. We utilize this software to process your list to ensure you get the deepest postal discounts. We offer all postal processing services, which includes merge/purge, key coding, NCOA, CASS Certification, foreign sorts, consolidation, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

We also offer other data services, but the list is endless. Call your CSR to see if we can help you maximize your ROI through data mining.

Ink Jet Labeling

Would you like to customize your mail piece with a variable message?
Would you like to provide a more personalized piece of mail?
Interested in tracking your mail?
Want to provider savings codes/key codes for your customers?
Interested in tracking this data?

Midstates’ prides itself on providing endless inkjet possibilities. Whether it’s inside/outside ink-jetting, or multi positional, Midstates has an option for you!