Midstates, Inc. has a diverse offering of binding and finishing solutions for your printed materials, whether you need saddle stitching or simple cutting and folding, we have the tools. 


Want to make your marketing piece shine?
Then, coating is the option for you. Whether you want to highlight a graphic element with spot varnish, protect your piece with UV Coating or add to the vibrancy of the colors with aqueous coating, we have the solution for your needs.


You know how you want your piece printed, but how will it to come together?
Midstates, Inc. offers a wide array of binding options to suit your needs.

Do you have book that has a large number of pages?
Perfect Binding may be the solution for you - it adheres the pages together with a flexible adhesive for a high quality finish.

Do you have a small booklet or calendar?
Saddle stitching is just what you’ll need- it secures the folded pages of the book with staples placed in the middle of the spine.

Do you have a presentation or proposal that needs a professional look?
Spiral binding or comb binding may be the choice for you. Spiral binding is done by punching the edge of the pages with holes winding a coil through to secure the pages. Spiral binding allows the pages to be opened 360 degrees. Comb binding is a spine with teeth that feed through the punched holes. This type of binding allows the piece to lay flat but cannot be opened 360 degrees.

Do you have a more complicated project?
Midstates, Inc. also offers selective binding, which allows you to have different covers on different body pages based on the intended recipient.

binding options
From top to bottom: Saddle stitching, Comb binding, Spiral binding, Perfect binding



No matter what your finished product is, it probably needs to be cut. Midstates, Inc. has the latest in programmable cutters to offer the most accurate, sharp cuts possible. Midstates, Inc. also offers custom die cutting, so you we can even cut your piece into a custom shape.

The Finishing Options Continue…

Midstates, Inc. has an array of other finishing options including folding, scoring and perforations. We can score then fold your piece to offer a crisp, clean fold or we can perforate the paper to give you a punch out card. Contact Midstates, Inc. to incorporate these options into your next project.


Now that you know how your piece will be cut, bound and finished, do you know how you want it to arrive to your customers? Midstates, Inc. offers many inserting options, from a simple tri-fold letter into a standard envelope to inserting multiple pieces to create a marketing package. Midstates, Inc. offers state-of-the-art Polybagging, which allows you to package multiple projects together in one mailed package. Imagine sending a DVD, a sample of your product and your marketing pieces in a convenient plastic wrap, the possibilities are truly endless.